I find it hard to believe that Eli has just turned 1. It was honestly the fastest, most exciting and happiest year of our lives. We celebrated with a Mr Men birthday party with family and close friends. It was colourful, fun and full of food:)

The hardest part of organising Eli’s party was coming up with a theme.  I wanted his first birthday to be something very special and memorable for all the family. As soon as Darran suggested Mr Men I knew it was perfect.

Iv organised a few parties only this year so I created a party planning template which has been a great help to keep organised. Here is a copy of my Party Planner for you to download. I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

Of course the first thing I thought of was the food.  I ordered the cake from my very talented aunt and as always she amazed me. (photographic evidence of how amazing it was below). Mr Men Birthday Party - cake

Jelly and ice cream is a kids birthday party staple, as well as party rings, tayto snacks and rice crispy buns.

To keep thinks a little healthy I also served rainbow fruit skewers on lollypop sticks. These are really easy for little hands to manage and the adults loved them too.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

The party was held during lunch time so I made huge platters of super tasty sandwiches for all the guests to enjoy.

  • For the Veggies I had egg mayonnaise, chive and rocket pita breads.
  • Tuna, sweetcorn, mayonnaise and lettuce wraps.
  • Ham, brie and rocket rolls. 

Next on my list to organise was the invitations, decorations and party games. I found these colourful Mr Men invites on E-bay.

Mr Men Birthday Party - invitation

I made a really simple Mr. Gumpy ball game for the day. This was so easy to make and Eli got so much joy out of it all day long. (He is still mad about it). I simple cut a circle in the middle of a shallow box, cut a larger rectangular hole in the back for the balls to come out and covered the whole thing with a blue plastic table cloth. Using a sharpie I drew on Mr Grumpy’s face and it was done. They say kids get more enjoyment out of the boxes from toys and this was definitely the case for Eli with this box.

Mr Men Birthday Party - Mr Grumpy Ball Game

Mr Men Birthday Party - Mr Grumpy Ball Game The decorations in the room were all about Eli. We have 4 walls full of family photos in our dining room so I covered every single photo with all of Eli’s milestones and firsts from throughout the year. Adding a little caption to most of them on a Mr Men inspired cloud.

Mr Men Birthday Party - Photos Mr Men Birthday Party - photos As well as photos I hung a colourful banner and of course a big 1 balloon.

Mr Men Birthday Party - Decorations Mr Men Birthday Party - Decorations

Another bit of crafting on the day was his birthday t-shirt. Using Microsoft Word I created the image I wanted on Eli’s top and then mirrored it to print onto iron on transfer paper. I cut off as much excess paper as I could from the transfer and then followed the instructions with the paper to iron onto his top. Here is a PDF of the Image so you can make your own :)

Mr Men Birthday Party

I also found these amazing party loot bags on amazon. I filled them with Mr Men and Little Miss Books, really cool magnetic bookmarks from Easons, Mr Men jigsaws and a small bag of jellies.

Mr Men Birthday Party - loot bags

Eli’s cousin’s had loads of fun with the jigsaws when they got home :)

Mr Men Birthday Party - jigsaw

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and photos and get lots of inspiration for your own Mr Men birthday party.

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