Raspberry Coconut Muffins – Breaskfast Muffin

These raspberry coconut muffins are great any time of day but are perfect for breakfast. Whether you are relaxing with a cup of tea or running out the door, they are a tasty and healthy option in the morning. I developed this recipe for my kids so I could allow them to have treats without […]

Breakfast and Yogurt Toppings

These breakfast and yogurt toppings are great for reinvigorating your morning porridge. The combinations are endless but here are 3 of my favourite recipes. If like me you don’t have time for much more than porridge or overnight oats in the morning, then you will love these handy toppings to add some flavour and variety to your […]

Mixed Berry Banana Ice Cream

With January coming to a close and new year resolutions getting harder to stick to. This recipe for mixed berry banana ice cream will keep your healthy habits on track while satisfying those sweet cravings. As the mixed berries are quiet tart, it is important to use over ripe bananas to add sweetness to the […]

Coconut and Raspberry Superfood Dessert

My surprise for my Dad this Father’s Day was a coconut and raspberry superfood dessert. He is crazy into running and loves to eat healthy while he is training for marathons. So instead of ruining his great efforts with a dessert overloaded with butter and sugar, I decided to make a super healthy superfood dessert […]